Thursday, November 29, 2007

And also...there's THIS!

We're Having a Baby!!

It took 2 years, 1 month, 8 days, 1 HSG, 3 IUI, 4 sobby trips to the therapist, 7 "how to get pregnant" books, 1 "systems check", 1 OVwatch (+ 2 sensors), 1 ultrasound, 5 "let's take a vacation to forget" vacations, 3 "let's stop trying" attempts (that doesn't work, by the way), 50 ovulation predictor sticks, 10 blood tests, 5 failed pregnancy tests and countless tears before Ryan and I finally saw what we wanted to see...that second pink line. It was pale, but it was there! And we have not stopped smiling.

Baby Westhoff is due to arrive in early August 2008 (or late July). It's still really early, but it's further down this road than we've ever been - so don't do that thing where you worry about how early it is to start telling people. At this point, we're beyond "cautiously optimistic". We're actually hopeful, encouraged, and relieved for the first time in two years. We CAN get pregnant! That's what feels the best to me right now.

So we're going to document the journey. We're going to share our ups and downs (and hcG levels) because we didn't do this alone. We've had the support of our friends and our families from the very beginning. So thanks everybody! And here's to our new beginning...