Friday, March 6, 2009


Ryan and I flew from Kansas City (5 degrees) to Houston (75 degrees) on Saturday morning, February 21. We met Bev and Wayne in the Houston airport where Bev had turkey sandwiches waiting for us. About an hour later, we hopped on another plane that took us to Cancun (84 degrees)! This was our Christmas present from Bev and Wayne. As you can tell, we're all very excited (except maybe that guy behind Wayne. He seems angry. We didn't hang out with him.)

Bev and Ryan practiced their Spanish on this tour guide. Wayne and I purchased beer at the Cancun airport bar, or rather, "Cervesa".

Si! Uno cervesa por favor!!

Bienvenidos, indeed:

Gorgeous Iberostar. All open-air with tropical birds everywhere.

Like this little guy:

And these two - who later scooted over next to each other and cuddled. So cute:

Turtle sculpture.

The pathway to our room.

Loving the colors in Mexico:

We stayed on the second floor, across the hall from each other - which meant we each got a balcony and a view!

Our room for the next 6 days.

The view from our balcony.

Bev enjoys a drink on the balcony.

Bare feet in the sand in the middle of February. Gotta love it!

We decided to walk down to the beach to catch the sunset...

...but we missed it.

Enjoying the ocean breeze and the sound of the waves.

Giant sand bags to reclaim the beach.


I decided to ride him:

Dressed up for dinner:

Fancy Westhoffs:

A really huge, scary spider:


A banana clump...with a tail!

Goin' swimmin':

Enjoying our red rafts and frozen drinks while getting massages:

"I love you, Bev. Thank you for bringing us to Mexico."
"You're welcome, punkin'!"

The "wash the sand off of your feet before you get back in to the pool" area:

A very full beach:

Water activities, on both sides (and sometimes on top of) the sand bags:

A strange beach activity that combined some running, digging, and running through people's legs:

Serenity now...

Ryan, doing some laps in the ocean:

My sexy husband:

Ryan and Wayne:

Beautiful water:

An Aztec sandcastle!

Playing in the ocean:

"Lucas" was here!

Dressed up for dinner #2.

A "Grease" themed performance by all of the tiny Iberostar guests:

Massages!!!! (Bev and I went first)

Only 1/3 of the awesome pool (there are many lagoons that you can't see in this picture).

Enjoying a drink after a full day of massages, water aerobics, and drinking. Vacation is hard.

Me, being strange and slouchy next to Ryan, tall and handsome:


Now I can say it in 5 languages!


Dressed up for dinner #3. (the night we discovered high-bar raising sopapillas)

My "friend" Max, from France and Blue Man:

Pretty bathroom flowers:

This bird says, "Hola!"

Shopping in Playa del Carmen:

Shrunken head stand:

aka "Naughty"?

Thirsty lettering:

I was digging the lettering:

The most awesome outfit (and sunburn) ever:

I fought a strong urge to stuff these chairs in to my suitcase:

Mexican stampede:

Mexican Piper:

(she was guarding this store. Piper would never do that.)

Mexican Indian?

A Green-Bay Packers Poncho!

Fishing in the rain:

Lunch at Senor Frogs:

no doors or windows on restaurants in Mexico:

She's "silicon free"...they checked.

It rained for 15 minutes. The curse might be broken.

Ryan and the chips/dip we destroyed:

Wayne (with his Yard-O-Beer) and me (with my Yard-O-Margarita):

My fried bucket-O-shrimp:

Spiderman (for Colton) and the Mystery Machine (for Chad):

"What men say and what they really mean":

Sweet cheeks:

In case we needed to confess our shopping sins:

The "monkey on my back"...

Giant-eyeball shrimp:

Drinks in the bar before dinner (we're all still drunk from lunch):

Working on a sweet tan line:

Napkin swans:

Fancy Mexican-hat themed pole:

Pretty star lamps:

My "charger" plate (featuring a blue bull):

Steak night!!

My dinner. Scrumptious:

My dessert. Delicious.

Ryan's dessert. A work of art:

Headed back to the bar for more drinks:

Our path to breakfast every morning:

Breakfast-eating Westhoffs:

The open-air restaurant, next to pretty fountains, birds and tropical plants:


The omelette bar:

The pastry bar:

Cold cereal, fruit, cottage cheese, I think? I didn't go to that one:

Pancake, waffle and donut bar:

Fresh-squeezed fruit juice bar:

Croissants with chocolate and peanut butter, in a smiley face:

Coffee-drinking Wayne:

They don't care if you fall in. It's not America:

Ancient Aztec ruins:

Tropical paradise:


Water sports-galore!

Getting geared up for parasailing!!

Riding the jet skis out to the parasailing boat:

It's true:

Bev and Wayne parasailing:

Our super-intense driver:

A peaceful ride:

A Christmas card:

Getting dipped in the ocean:

Coming in for a landing:

Ashley and Ryan get a turn:

Getting dipped in the water:

So many things wrong with this sign:

Monkeys on rooftops!

More monkeys on rooftops:

The other end of our fabulous pool:

The staff was in a romantic mood that day:

Even the remote got extra sexiness:

Best shot ever:

Round one of "The Mayan Sacrifice":

Round two of "The Mayan Sacrifice" (also playing Uno):

Dinner at the Hibachi grill:

The Italian family was not impressed:

Shrimp and octopus:


Steak, veggies, shrimp, chicken and rice:

Banana tempura:

Our very last dinner in Mexico. We celebrated with tequila, saki, and more tequila:

We all took shots...even these nice people from Denver did it:

He liked it!

So we bought a shot for our waiter:

He liked it too!

Westhoffs unite!

All packed up and headed to the airport:

Saying "adios" to my bird friends:

I took these pictures on our way back to the airport.

Mexican firetruck...ON THE ROOF!!

Mexican Fire Station:

Mucho Topes!!

The end...