Friday, February 22, 2008

see ya, suckers!

We're going on VACATION! Ryan and I are boarding the Carnival Conquest (White Stripes playing in my head now: for 7 days at sea. We're flying to Houston in a couple of hours and then we're driving to Galveston to get on our boat. This will be my first "big boat" cruise and Ryan has been preparing me for the massive, gigantic-ness of this floating city block. I THINK I'm ready, but who knows. I might scream so hard I pass out (that'd be awesome...they'd have to carry me on the boat like a drunk sorority girl.) Speaking of drunk...I have it on good authority that the adults on our trip are smuggling booze on to the boat. Funny me...I was out shopping for a smart walking sandal the other night (big ol' nerd). They were cutting open a box of Diet Coke in order to "hide" things.

This trip was our Christmas gift from Ryan's parents so the whole crew is going (Bev, Wayne, Chad, Bettina, the party team of Lou and Linda, plus several other couples they know from their many vacations to Mexico - seriously, these people are professionals. Drinkers. Professional drinkers.)

Here are some pictures I snapped from the website.

As you can see, we're stopping in Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel (where Bev buys her make-up and Vicodin. I'm just kidding. I don't know where she buys her make-up.)

Monday, February 11, 2008

naked baby photos

this is anneliese marguerite lockwood. she is three months old. she belongs to my cousin shannon (who is REALLY good at taking pictures of her super-cute babies.) enjoy the naked cuteness...


my aunt just sent this photo from Christmas. Can you tell that we're related?????

no thanks, I'm just looking...

I found these over at Etsy shop and just about lost my mind. They are all hand-made and can be purchased for VERY reasonable amounts. Kind of made me want to get my felting stuff out.

pop giraffe baby blouse $17

little bunny felted booties (are you kidding me? These are SOLD OUT, as you can probably imagine.)

apples & pears baby booties $30

the "cherie" booties (SOLD OUT)

rhino onesie $21

ladybug hair clip (SOLD OUT...because of the cuteness.)

lavender baby bird slippers $24.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

some baby news

Ryan and I went in for an ultrasound this morning, just to see how my ovaries looked. They can determine when I'm going to ovulate based on the size and shape of my ovary (only one of them spits out an egg each month - this time it's going to be the right side). We went in there thinking we'd see the big (20 cm) ovary that was ready to release an egg so we could do our IUI tomorrow. Instead, it was still a little small (only 15 cm) so we have to wait a couple of days. (it's tricky to predict what your body is going to do after a miscarriage. I used to know my cycle really well. Now it's switching things up and keeping me guessing.)

Also, we have a new player in our "trying to get pregnant" game. It's called an HCG shot. On Saturday morning, Ryan is going to stick a needle in my "hip area" (a shot of pregnancy hormone) that is going to make my right ovary spit out that egg it's been making. He's supposed to find a "sort of chunky" spot on my hip - which made me laugh out loud, as I have ample haunches and many chunky spots to pick from. So after he stab me with a needle - which is going to hurt and leave a pink welt - we will go back to the doctor's office on Sunday morning for our IUI.

The good news is, Ryan doesn't have to hit a vein or draw any blood with this needle. The bad news is, it's still a freaking needle.

it's on my mind, I guess...

We're exactly one week away from Valentine's Day. If anybody needs to buy a card, I know a good place...

party time