Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another CRAZY weekend!!

Friday night, the Royals game was sold out. Dollar Dogs, Fireworks Friday, and Greinke was pitching...it was the perfect storm. In fact, it DID storm! ALL DAY! There were tornado warnings all over the city and the sky looked so terrifyingly dark and gloomy that nobody expected the game to happen. But it was my sister's birthday and she'd found two tickets (third base side, row DD) and dog-gonnit, we were gonna go!

We bought some beer at a gas station and called our grandma (diligent weather-radio listener) to confirm that the storm was going to pass. We sat in the parking lot for about 45 minutes, drinking our beer and talking about Delaney. Then we CALLED Delaney to hear her sweet voice. Then I had to pee, so we went in to the stadium. Game was delayed until 9:30. It was 7:30.

We walked around the new stadium, checked out the gift shop, purchased some dollar dogs (delicious!), walked around some more, found some seats under the over-hang (and out of the rain), then watched a girl and her boyfriend make out for a solid 10 minutes. It was 8:30:

The new stadium has a "Party Deck" that's completely awesome. The entire outfield is awesome. We've been going to Royals games since we were little kids (the Dick Howser/George Brett days), so to see anything out there besides fountains and grass is thrilling.

Rain was still coming down at 9:30:

Suddenly, the grounds crew came barreling out of the bullpen to unhook the tarp! Things were happening!

Normally, I am not THIS easily entertained (okay, maybe I am) but we'd been sitting there for several hours with nothing to watch but the overly touchy couple in front of us. And the choreographed removal of a giant tarp is impressive. It just is!


They essentially, flipped the tarp over, poured all of the accumulated water in to the outfield (above), then flipped it over again and ran it back on to the field.

Then they carried it out to right field, folded it in half, folded it in half again (like a giant towel), then rolled it on to this roller-thing.
We were excited about the progress being made. We moved down to our real seats (Whitney was smart enough to bring a stadium blanket with one side water-proof) and we waited for the first pitch. (By the way, I think the girl over my left shoulder is hilarious. What's with the angry snarl-face?)

9:45, and it was GAME ON!!! This is Zack Greinke - the first Royal to gain any national attention in about 20 years.

Not only did we wait out the rain delay, but it turned out to be a gorgeous night and a REALLY exciting game!! A LATE game, but an exciting one!

There were little kids ALL OVER the place eating cotton candy, hot dogs, Sheridan's ice cream, and slurping up soda. At midnight!! It was shocking. This little guy took a nap around the 7th inning, then woke up when Callaspo singled to center and allowed Jacobs to score. The place went crazy. (Also because the vendors were throwing trays and trays of free hot dogs in to the crowd - they obviously made too many, and the only logical thing to do was chuck them in to the stands so rabid fans could stand and scream and gather as many free hot dogs as they could stack in their greedy little hands. It was gross. Honestly.)

We decided to watch the fireworks from the car (even though I TOTALLY had a pair of earplugs in my purse, ready to go!)
The game ended around 12:45, so I got to wish my sister an OFFICIAL Happy Birthday at midnight.

The next day, we met Whitney, Delaney, my mom and my grandma at First Watch for a birthday brunch. (Troy had a track meet and wasn't able to bring Whitney french toast in bed - her birthday wish). Delaney entertained everyone - including the waiter who found her ability to order "more ca-nay-yope, pease" completely charming.

Saturday evening was my friend Maureen's wedding - a girl who used to be a wedding DJ and has attended more weddings than anyone I know. I got a little choked up, watching her out there on the dancefloor, finally getting to enjoy her own wedding. It was HER DAY and she looked gorgeous!

Our friend Allyson:

Terry and his daughter, Marie (who walked about three steps and then sat down in a nearby pew.) Terry walked down the aisle to meet her and they walked the rest of the way together. So cute.

Maureen was walked down the aisle by her step-son, who looked so proud:

"You were meant for me...and I was meant for you..."

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Urness:

The photo that got me in trouble with the official wedding photographer. It was so worth it. Look how gorgeous she looks, wrapped in that veil:

The cake (since I'm now a critic):

The happy couple:

Announcing the bridal party and the newlyweds:

The centerpieces (and my Corona):

First dance was to "I'm No Superman" - the theme to Scrubs. Cute.

"You are the dancing queen...young and sweet...only seventeen..."

I love when I capture a shot at the exact same moment as the wedding photographer. Makes me feel like I have good timing or instincts or something:

"How 'bout a hug?"

Me, with the bride (in front of the bar...):

Me with Maureen and Allyson - the Ozark vacation girls:


Ryan with Maureen and Tina - the Shoebox girls:

Around 11:30 that night, Ryan and I headed down to Power and Light to catch the rest of Raegann's 30th Birthday celebration. SO glad we did! It was hilarious. Raegann thanked us about 75 times for coming, "But this time, I REALLY mean it!" And in an hour and a half, we watched Raegann dance with Ryan, dance with Tanner, dance along to the live band, fall on strangers, compose herself, line dance, fall on strangers, compose herself, thank us for coming, kiss us on the mouth/cheeks/forehead, thank us again for coming, fall on strangers, and compose herself again. She was on FIRE!

Me with Nick (Ryan's cousin) and Ryan (obviously):

Raegann, dancing with Tanner (which she apparently doesn't remember):

Singing along...

(it looks like she's bossing Tanner around, but she's actually still singing):

And then there was the line-dancing:

Nick was determined to get his picture with this bartender:
Unfortunately, the evening ended abruptly when Raegann hit a wall. Nick and Ryan carried her out of PBR, and down a flight of stairs. Then Ryan and I carried her down the street while Nick snapped pictures of his rubber-legged wife. The hotel was several blocks away, but we eventually got her to the hotel, through the hotel lobby, to the elevator, through the hallway, and to the right room...as Nick was transposing the numbers in his head and we were just sure we'd be trying them all.

Ryan left to get the car (clear back where we started) and then my favorite moment of the night happened. Raegann (laying passed out on the bed) suddenly shouted, "It's HOT in here!" and Nick scrambled to the nearest window (on the 5th floor) to muscle it open. I was like, "DUDE! The thermostat! It's right here!" and as I attempted to push buttons, Nick came running over and pressed every single button about 36 times - turning it on, off, up, down, on, off, auto, heat, auto, on, off, up, down...in a state of panic. I was doubled over laughing when I saw Raegann rise up out of bed, completely green and ready to puke. Nick rushed over with a trash can and smacked her in the head with it.

Raegann puked for about 5 minutes strait. We eventually got her to the bathroom where I brought her a wet washcloth for her head, a pillow, a blanket, some tissue and a bottle of water. I figured she was probably going to pass out there for the rest of the night. Ryan called that he was downstairs with the car and I left Nick to tend to the cute little mass, curled around the toilet. I think she was FULLY recovered by Tuesday.

The next day, we drove to Lawrence to celebrate Shannon as she walked down the hill at KU. While raising three small (awesome) kids, she managed to get her Master's in Education. It was an accomplishment worth celebrating!! (and a gorgeous day to be outside!)

Nana Kay kept the little ones entertained (Grant, Emily and Anneliese):

Aunt Beth (my mom) kept Grandma cool while Ryan and Bobby helped wrangle any wandering children:

We all waited patiently for the bells of the Campanile to kick off the ceremony:

It seemed like just yesterday that Shannon and I were walking down that hill together with the Class of 2000:

I enjoyed the variety of balloons:

Emily played peek-a-boo while Anneliese ate popcorn:

I braided Emily's hair to kill some time:

Shannon's husband, Bobby was obviously very proud - Grant and Emily seemed to SORT OF understand what was happening, but will probably be even more impressed someday when they realize that BOTH of their parents went back to school for even MORE school:

Anneliese killed about 30 minutes by playing in the mulch:

Then she stood up and flashed Aunt Beth:

Woo hoo!! Shannon was getting closer!

We were told to look for a cluster of red, blue and pink balloons so I zoomed in and FOUND her!! There she was!! At the very top of the hill!

Way to go, Shannon and Kim!!!!

Shannon, with her sister-in-law, Kim. Both School of Ed Geniuses (Kim might have been getting her third or fourth degree. I heard that later and forgot to ask about it - besides, I didn't want to look like an underachiever with my one, wimpy little Bachelor of Fine Arts degree):

Shannon borrowed Bobby's hat, so she had some trouble keeping it on:

Nursing majors, still lined up and ready to walk while we headed back to the house for some BBQ:

Such a cute little family:

Grant and Emily both wanted to hold on to Shannon's (extra long) sleeves:

Past, present and future Jayhawks:

We waited in line to pose next to the bronze Jayhawk:

Nine years ago today, we were holding butterfly and fish balloons, wondering where our lives would take us:

A sweet banner that Bobby and the kids made for Shannon:

Everybody was so proud:

A backyard full of Lockwoods:

Grandma Lallier wanted a picture with my Aunt Kay (Shannon's mom) wearing the robe she wore in yesterday's graduation ceremony at NSU (where she is the Dean of the School of Education). My grandma was a 5th grade teacher for 10+ years, so Education runs in the family:

Shannon and Kim, wearing their Jayhawk necklaces - a graduation gift from Grandma Sharon:

I played peek-a-boo with Anneliese and then tried not to fall asleep in the car on the way home. It was a VERY busy weekend!!