Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter!

We celebrated Easter at my mom and dad's house, but I basically followed Delaney around all afternoon - I freakin' love that kid.

(The "Easter Bunny" - hiding eggs full of gummy bears and goldfish crackers.)

(I think we made it a little too easy...)

(New Easter dress!)

(I's really exciting!!)

(...the sign for "open")

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

BIG 12 CHAMPIONS...again!

We were LUCKY enough to attend the Men's Big 12 Championship game on Sunday at the Sprint Center. Not only did we get to GO to this game (which we won) we sat in the 4th row next to Carl Peterson and his wife (...and yes, I checked out the diamond - it was impressive.) Also, a guy named Steve Palermo - the baseball umpire who was shot in the back during a robbery in Texas 17 years ago. Now he walks with a cane (no wonder he was there to root against Texas! I'd be mad too!)

So here are some highlights...