Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We spent Easter at my mom and dad's house in Overland Park. Easter has easily become our favorite "Delaney watching" holiday. Whitney always picks out a cute Easter dress for her (although, this year it was Troy's pick) and everything she does seems super cute. (including the fairy wings she wore for 20 minutes to "fly over yard to fine Easser Eggs.")

The dining room table, all set for brunch:

Apple blossoms from (the best neighbor ever) Nancy's tree:

Whitney and Delaney, checking out her Easter basket:

Nana put some GOOD STUFF in there!

Our new Easter tradition - giving Delaney funny glasses:

So cool:

Hugs for Aunt Sarah:

"I gonna fwy oveh en all awoun en get all the Esser Eggs in Nana's yahd!"

Hugs for Aunt Ashley and Uncle Ryan:

Wind up chicken from her Easter basket:

We made the chicken and the bunny race:

The chick always went the wrong way:

Rachel, (the best neighbor ever) Nancy's daughter brought us a strawberry pie:

Time to start the Easter Egg Hunt!!

She started showing Troy all of her eggs before putting them in her basket (which involved walking up and down these brick steps all by herself "No! I do it!"):

She also wanted to jump off of every little wall. "I Esser Bunny":

After the Easter Egg Hunt at Nana and Papa's house, we went over to (the best neighbor ever) Nancy's house for ANOTHER Easter Egg Hunt. Her husband Neil and her daughter Laura hid eggs in their backyard just for Delaney (because they're awesome and they love Delaney):

Aunt Ashley also fixed her hair with tiny bun cuteness:

Ready, Set, Go!!

(or very carefully and lady-like...)

Happy Easter sweet girl!!

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