Thursday, January 21, 2010

memory lane

Gathering photos of me and Ryan for the "marketing materials" necessary to adopt a baby. The birthmother gets to pick from the information we give her as well as these photos, so it's important that we give her a good sense of our personalities. I'm trying so hard to edit. Turns out, many of my favorite photos include Delaney, but our advisor told us not to put pictures of us with other people's kids. That would be confusing.

Mostly, I'm just having fun re-living the last 7 years with Ryan. We've had a lot of fun!! If you feel like voting or giving your opinion, we'd certainly appreciate it! I think we need about 20 pics - showing our hobbies, our travels, and our geniune love for one another. (that last part is pretty easy!) :)



Neuty and Trish said...

Super cute. I also love,love, love your wedding photo at the top of the landing. The one where you are smooching under the umbrella.


Stephanie said...

Hi there! My husband and I are using ANLC too. I found your blog while searching for ANLC on Google blog search. I was hoping to find others using the same "agency" so I could follow their journey alongside ours. I hope you don't mind if I link to you and check out your blog every now and then.

Good luck with the process! I hope it goes smoothly for you!

BTW, beautiful pictures. I love the one on the steps.