Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The rest of India

Okay...I have been VERY delinquent in finishing these daily updates so I will summarize. We spent two more days in Delhi and then we went to the Taj Mahal.

It was 120 degrees. It took four hours to get there and six hours to get back. I got tinitus (my ear was ringing for 2 days) and I wasn't sure I would ever forgive India for being such a loud, crowded, hot country. I was also positive I would never return - even if someone paid me. In hindsight, I think I was being a little dramatic.

The flight home was brutal. I sat between Ryan and a VERY large man (who should have purchased 2 seats) for 14 hours. I cried when the guy in front of Ryan decided to recline the (empty) seat in front of me so his elbow would be comfortable. My TV was in black and white and then it wasn't. My headphones didn't work and then they did. We flew over Greenland because of the icelandic volcano. Greenland looks like this:

Our flight from Chicago to KC was delayed while we boarded and un-boarded the "Barbie-jet" because of electrical trouble. I cried when I hugged my mom at the airport. I cried when I smelled Starbucks again for the first time. My first meal involved Cinnabon and Burger King. My first stop on the way home was to meet my new nephew, Brett. This is me after being awake (and traveling) for 29 hours:

Ryan and I slept for about 12 hours. The End.

Here are some photos of India:

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