Wednesday, July 16, 2008

appendix issues

I'm sorry I have been absent. And it's not like things haven't been happening. We went to Vail to see Mia and Christian. My friend Jason turned 30. We went to Houston to see Bev and Wayne. And I was trying to find time to put it all in the blog. Then I woke up on Thursday morning with horrible abdominal pain. It went on all morning until I finally called my mom to take me to the Emergency Room. (Ryan was out of town for work). We sat in the Emergency Room for 45 minutes while I frequently ran to the bathroom to throw up. Turns out, my stomach pain was appendicitis. Appendicitis is considered a medical emergency because your appendix can burst and spread infection throughout your body (which is WAY worse!) so I had laparoscopic surgery that night. They cut three holes in my abdomen to insert tools and a laparoscope and then I stayed in the hospital over-night. Ryan managed to get an earlier flight home (he was so frustrated that all of this was happening while he was out of town...he NEVER goes out of town for work!). Ryan slept in a horribly uncomfortable recliner all night so he could stay by my side. I got fantastic pain-killers and now I'm trying not to use them up too fast! The doctor told me to stay home for the next week...that a lot of people feel like going back to work but can't make it through a whole day. So now I'm staying home and taking it easy. At first, the hardest part was not being able to sit up or contract my stomach to help me. Now it's the fact that I can't lift anything too heavy or I'll tear my little stitches. (which is REALLY hard when you have a super cute niece who wants to be your buddy.)

So now that I have some time on my hands, I might finally get to post all of my pictures from our fabulous vacations! Until then, here's a picture of an appendix.

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