Monday, July 28, 2008


If you haven't seen WALL-E, you NEED to see it! Ryan took me to dinner and a movie on Friday night (because he's the best husband in the whole world and also because I'd had a crappy day - attending a funeral and then working late). We'd already seen Dark Knight (actually, Ryan just saw it for the 4th time yesterday) so we decided to give this little Pixar movie a try.

WALL-E IS THE CUTEST MOVIE EVER MADE!! I'm not even kidding. I cried and cried - it completely broke my heart in places and made me want to hug that little robot. It's set in the future when all of the humans have made a huge garbage can out of the Earth (lots of green messages here) and WALL-E is left to clean up our mess. (We're all off on a big "space cruise" getting super-fat and drinking our meals out of big-gulp cups.) I don't know why this movie didn't do more publicity or make a bigger impact at the box office, but I'm going to promote the crap out of it. SO stinkin' cute!!!!! (plus, it will make you want to stop shopping at COSTCO...and maybe work out a little.)

Here are some more pictures...because I seriously can't stop thinking about how sweet it was.

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