Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy 30th to Christian!

Before leaving for Houston, we got to spend some time with my Lucas cousins (Cortney, Mia and Jocelyn) and their families. They were all in town for the big Lucas family Christmas (which we were going to miss) so we decided to get together for dinner at Dos Reales. It was a good chance to see the kids (and new baby, Cory) but also to celebrate Christian's 30th birthday! I also gave Bryce and Lily their Christmas gifts (which will begin to look familiar if you keep scrolling through this blog). Here are some highlights:

Sweet, little Bryce (Cortney's oldest) and those gorgeous brown eyes:

Mia and her daughter Lily (plus one in Mia's belly - a baby girl):

New baby Cory (the happiest baby EVER!):

Christian, "the birthday amigo":

The festivities get musical:

Nothing says "Happy 30th Birthday" like a giant cinnamon tortilla with a whipped cream face:

Bryce and Lily (cousins) who do not create any mischief when they get together. None. Especially not at bed-time when they should be sleeping:

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