Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year's Eve!

We spent New Year's Eve with some new friends - people we're stealing from Brandon and Sarah once they leave town in June (Brandon is moving to Washington D.C. to train for his new, top secret job! Sarah will join him once he's placed in one of 8 major cities. You're not allowed to know what they are. Actually, you can. I just can't remember. And maybe it's 6. I don't know. I'm not a very good listener.)

So anyway. We spent New Year's Eve with Wes and Cara (who are having a baby boy in a couple of months.); Brandon and Sarah (who are getting married in a couple of months); and Erin and Dustin - who hosted the party at their house (and I don't know what they'll be doing in a couple of months...probably something funny and awesome. Because THEY are funny and awesome).

Here are the pics (not in order of drunkeness - especially this one...see how my eyes are all gazey and dumb? Yeah...that's not my first glass of champagne):

So here we are - the tall girls always get to be book-ends (Left to right - me, Erin, Cara + one, Sarah):

We all decided to dress fancy for New Year's Eve...so here we are - FANCY!

This is Dustin (Erin's hubby). He's up to something sneaky:

This is Dustin, bustin' a move to a sweet jam:

Here are Wes and Cara + one (who rather enjoyed the fact that she doesn't even look like she's wearing clothes in this picture):

Woo Hoo! Midnight!! Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

The joy of digital cameras:

The joy of boobs:

Brandon, Sarah, me, and Ryan. And I have no idea why I look so short. I've probably already lost my shoes:

This makes me laugh. It looks like something naughty just happened:

Ryan and Sarah, ringing in the new year, muppet-style:



A bear!

Cara's boobs, Erin and Sarah:

Erin, dressed for success:

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