Monday, February 2, 2009

Delaney Turned 2!

Delaney turned 2 on January 30th. We had a little birthday celebration for her this Saturday at our house. It was so much fun! The theme was "pink hearts" so I designed these little birthday invitations and purchased everything I could find at the Hallmark card shop with pink hearts on it:

The living room had pink hearts everywhere, and pink crepe paper anywhere we could wrap it:

The kitchen table was all set for cookie-decorating:

Lemonade, pink heart cookies, pink cupcakes, and the cutest little napkins and cups (from Hallmark, of course):

Whitney and I made these "mobiles" to hang from the kitchen windows. Sorry the lighting is terrible, but you get the idea:

And HERE COMES THE BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!! (I got to fix her hair!) She was wearing a new dress that was perfect for dancing and twirling:

The Puppy Pit was a big hit! A little bit staticky, but a constant source of entertainment (when Delaney wasn't sitting on her party guests):

I think these two are now friends for life. This is Troy's dad, Daryl and my cousin Cortney's son, Cory. They are not related, but they didn't seem to care:

Bryce and Delaney took turns on the Rock Band drums:

Bethany and Sophie said hello to Cory (the happiest baby ever):

This was "the spread" - macaroni and cheese, corn dog bites, pigs in a blanket, apple sauce, jello jigglers, oranges, and cupcakes! All very popular with kids and adults alike!:

The kids' table:

Time for presents!!! (Delaney got to sit in her princess chair - a gift from Nana Beth on her 1st Birthday. Such a good idea!)

Daryl and Karen (Troy's parents) and Cory:

Delaney opened her first song card (Hallmark!). I'm pretty sure it was Little Mermaid:

Bryce got stuck in a folding chair:

All of the kids sat so patiently while Delaney opened her gifts:

Delaney got a princess tiara and matching earrings:

She put it on right away! (backward):

Dig in!

Pure glee:

Something that came with 250 pieces!

"They don't make these things easy to open":

Troy distributed pieces of the Little People Carriage to actual Little People:

Emily drew a beautiful picture for Delaney. Here, she is describing all of it to Whitney:

Grant drew a wonderful picture as well. Here, he is showing it to everybody:

Time to decorate cookies!!! All of the kids got to put icing and sprinkles on as many cookies as they wanted! (popsicle sticks + frosting + plastic table cloth = no mess!):

Emily's cookie:

Sophie's cookie:

Singing Happy Birthday (twice...because she's two!):

I'm pretty sure we lit the candle twice as well:

Now...time for ice cream and cupcakes!:

The aftermath:

Bethany, Sophie, Delaney (distracted by new ponies) and Whitney:

Time for Round Two of presents (now that the kids have some sugar in 'em!):

"Here...mommy will help you.":

Delaney LOVES new books:

Especially Eric Carle books:

A gift from Nana and Papa:

"It's Miss PIGGY!" (The Muppet Show):

A gift from Mommy and Daddy:

Still not sure about those pedals:

Uncle Ryan, putting together Delaney's (impressive) Baby Doll Nursery Set (that's the crib):

Delaney put the baby right to sleep (such a little mama):

Checking the baby's diaper:


Anneliese took a turn in the Puppy Pit:

Good times with big sister:

Grant and Troy tried Wii Skiing for a while:

Grant showed Troy how to make turns:

And how to jump:

And how to do tricks:

Very impressive!

Delaney changed in to her "going home outfit", and I realized I hadn't had my picture taken with the birthday girl yet:

I like to make her giggle and squirm:

Delaney put her baby in the swing:

Delaney gave her baby a push:

Time to go home. Nana helped Delaney with her shoes and socks (Delaney was not ready to go home yet):

Nana knows how to make her laugh:

"It's not nice to kick Nana..."

Kisses from mommy:

Mommy makes her giggle and squirm too:

Happy Birthday, Delaney! We still can't believe you're already TWO!:

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