Monday, February 9, 2009

my dream basement

A few weeks ago, I attended a baby shower with my mom, my sister (Whitney), Delaney, my grandma, my aunt (Kay) and my cousin (Shannon). The shower was for a very distant cousin and it was hosted by the sister of this very distant cousin. The shower took place in her house, which is located in Tiffany Springs, near Zona Rosa. She's 26. She's married. And THIS is her basement:

The built-in, oak bar with two refrigerators and a microwave (disguised to look like cabinets); granite countertops; fully stocked:

The sitting area, displaying one of the SIX flat-panel TVs that we counted around the house (and as an architecture nerd, I also have to point out the recessed ceiling and all of that crown moulding):

The view from the sitting area (that's a shuffle-board table back there where my niece is probably trying to break/throw something):

The leather poker-table and matching chairs (not pictured = another flat-panel TV over to the right); again with the moulding - around that pole? Around the door? Everywhere. Gorgeous:

THE HOME THEATER...notice the columns, the recessed ceiling, the leather recliners and the projection screen???? Yeah...we were all sort of in shock too:

AND THERE ARE TWO ROWS OF LEATHER RECLINERS!!! All electric (as shown by Delaney's little button-pushing fingers); cool trim around the steps; cool treatment on the walls; cool carpet:

You might ask yourself why you don't have a basement like this...or how two 26-year old KIDS have a basement like this. It was shocking to us as well. (and I didn't even show you the full gym behind the home theater was all just a little too much.)
So there you go. My dream basement. I'm fully aware that this will never happen (that bar alone was probably $15,000??) But I enjoy things like "research" for upcoming projects in my house. This gives me something to shoot for. (in my wildest dreams) And yes, that's an antique popcorn maker right there in the foreground. (and I'm not talking about the little old lady. That's my grandma's sister-in-law, Aunt Stattie. It is her great-granddaughter's house. She was giving us the tour.)

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