Monday, February 8, 2010

the next step

We sent in our paperwork last week (along with a hefty check that only slightly made me pee my pants) and I got a call on Friday that the paperwork was being processed. Hooray!! (slightly more pee)

In the meantime, our adoption advisor sent us the names of two social workers in our area who could conduct our home study. The first place (I won't call it out by name but the first word is "Adoption" and the second word rhymes with "Adoption") was one of the agencies we considered to facilitate the entire adoption. Even though they're local, we decided not to go with them because they have a policy AGAINST working with couples who are still fertile and trying (not sure how you prove you're "not trying" but they evidently have a way).

And while I understand that it might be frustrating to start working with a couple who is interested in adoption and then "Oops! Turns out we CAN have babies!" I still don't understand how it was such a rampant problem that they decided to make it a company policy. Were they truly just sick of the extra paperwork?

I called the next place (Adoption & Beyond) at 5:00 on Friday and I left a message (I know. I thought it was strange that they weren't there too). A girl named Steffany called me back on Monday and quickly explained the process of going through a home study (takes about 6 weeks total, depending on how quickly we turn in our paperwork). She also described where we could find the application on their website to make an appointment.

An application. To make an appointment.

At our appointment, Steffany will give us a notebook that we are required to complete (like a big scavenger hunt!) We need to find things like: our marriage certificate, proof of our U.S. citizenship, proof that we aren't sex offenders, proof that we know CPR, our monthly household budget, letters of recommendation, etc) and when we're done with that, they'll schedule a home visit and several interviews with us (individually at the office; together at the house; individually at the house; together at the office while wearing hats...)

Once they get the home study done and our paperwork turned in, they'll write up the report, send it to us to proofread, and then send it to our agency in California. I can only imagine how much I'll throw up while waiting to read that report. I'll stay awake every night, wondering why I went on and on about how much I love the baby furniture at IKEA because what if they think IKEA furniture is cheap and poorly made and everybody knows that it has the potential to break and kill your baby because it's not made in the USA and oh my god they think I hate America!

"Why doesn't everybody have to take CPR classes and provide a household budget?" I asked Ryan one night at a totally reasonable volume. Ryan answered with his trademark logic and maturity, "if everybody had to prove they'd be good parents, there wouldn't be any babies out there to adopt."

And that (gentle readers) is why he's going to be the father of my children (just as soon as we whip up that document that could be interpreted as something close to a household budget).

Stay tuned!

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kerrie said...

GOOD LUCK!!! I'm totally excited for you guys! And, wanted to post a comment to say that you're GREAT at blogging about this adoption "stuff." I refer several pals here, since you've said it all so well (and, well, a lot of people think adoption is akin to "shopping"...not quite that easy, eh?).

Fingers crossed that you REALLY get to pee your pants!