Monday, February 15, 2010

side-effects may include nausea, dry-mouth and constipation...

We're still in the phase of adoption where we get to guide the pace, but not for long. We are expecting a phone call on Wednesday night from the Marketing Advisor at our Agency in California - the woman tasked with designing our brochures and websites, which markets us to the birth mothers. On Thursday, we have an appointment with our Home Study advisor (local) to receive our notebook of required paperwork. It's up to us to fill out and provide all of the paperwork in that notebook. After that, we need to complete our Home Study (tour of the house) and FBI background checks (hoping I might be able to call in a few favors to speed that along). Once we get those marketing materials together and write our "Dear Birthmother" letters, we will go live on the websites.

At that point, the most exciting part of the journey definitely becomes the most excruciating. I was never great at waiting to be chosen for team sports, and that was just half an hour of my life in gym class. Of course, I'm totally getting ahead of myself. Right now, I just need to focus on Wednesday. (and these exciting Winter Olympics!)

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