Monday, October 11, 2010

cozy quarters

Luke's nursery has changed a lot, even since I took these photos, but we've been working on it a lot lately. Since we had to leave so quickly for Georgia, we didn't get to finish any of the little details until last weekend. There is still more artwork to hang on the walls and I have a different chair planned for the corner, but at least we've made some progress.

One night, I created these little bird pictures from craft paper. I cut them all out of coordinating patterns, glued them down and framed them to hang over Luke's crib:

I learned this trick from Martha Stewart. You just trace your frames with plain paper and position them on the wall exactly the way you want them. It's a good way to ensure you don't punch a bunch of holes in your wall:

Quick, cheap and super easy artwork:

Ryan installed a floating shelf over the changing table (that we purchased from IKEA):

Searched and searched for the perfect light fixture to replace that ceiling fan. Found a super-cute pendant light on CB2. Will install (and post new photos) as soon as it arrives:

Installed these two little bookshelves (from Land of Nod) and framed a collage of photos that my cousin (Shannon) took when she visited us in Georgia. We installed them like that so we could put a little wooden table and chairs where the bouncy seat is. I can already picture Luke doing puzzles and drawing pictures there some day:

All of the drilling and hammering in his room, sweet little Luke slept through the whole thing:

Rug is from Nebraska Furniture Mart. W pillow is by Jonathan Adler. Bird pillow is from Land of Nod. Crib is by Oeuf.

I made this little bird mobile from tiny, tin birds I found at Hobby Lobby and some sticks I found in the yard. The night-light is from Ikea and the elephant planter is an antique I bought 4 years ago on a trip to Omaha:

This side of the room already looks really different, but here's the direction it's going.

Two of the reasons I LOVE Land of Nod. This monkey and these blocks:

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Anonymous said...

Lol...I hate you have all the nice baby and kiddy things and shops. I would have to sell a kidney on the black market to be able to afford such a beautiful room.

Seriously, it's a stunning room and I love LOVE the carpet..and the room is so unique.

PS: There is talk in the media of Wal-mart opening here and Ive already spent hours trawling their website, can you say *excited*?? hehe.

Hope all is going well!