Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Luke spent his first month of life doubling his weight and being awesome. He spent the last 2 weeks (how can I say this) "discovering his voice". He no longer wakes up quietly to (subtly) let us know that he's hungry. Instead, he wakes up screaming, so by the time we get down the hall to pick him up, his lip is quivering and he's practically shaking. Our routine is to change his pants and then feed him a bottle, but he HATES getting his pants changed. Like...seriously hates it (most likely because my hands are ice cold). So by the time we get a bottle in his mouth, his face is all red and he's crying like we've been jabbing him with hot pokers. And then he's fine.

As much as I love being home with Luke, there are days when I feel like I've exhausted all of my tricks to make him stop crying. He's been eating 3 oz at a time for several weeks, but lately he's been spitting up a lot. He likes to be swaddled, he likes to be rocked back and forth (left to right, not up and down...learned that one the hard way!) but my fool-proof trick is to put him in the stroller and go for a walk.

We've explored several routes in the last two weeks. All of my routes involve a quick stop at Starbucks, but the latest route was a complete accident. I didn't know exactly where we were going, but I knew the major intersections around me and I figured if the neighborhoods had sidewalks, we were in good shape. When I got home, I mapped it out on my favorite new website, walkjogrun.net. Turns out, we went 3.21 miles. Again, by accident.

Here's a quick little overview of our route:

By the time we got home, my feet had blisters and Luke was asleep. He slept for another two hours until it was time for a bottle. He woke up screaming (of course) but I'm hoping all of that fresh air means he will sleep well tonight. I know I will! 


Stephanie said...

Our little Meerkat was a screamer too. She screamed and screamed for the first two months, but then it got much better. So keep the faith! Before long, you won't need a bag of tricks. :) You'll make him smile by just walking in the room.

Tom, Christie, & Shannon Malchow said...

Perpetual motion is a baby's best friend when it comes to calming them! A drive in the car is also a good trick to have (in case it is pouring rain or snowing)!