Thursday, November 18, 2010

keeping up

My last post was November 3rd? Wow. Sorry. That's pathetic!  But I suppose now that the drama of the adoption is all calmed down (2 months and still no contact from the birthparents - yippee!) regular life stuff seems pretty boring.

We've been on a road trip to Oklahoma, celebrated several birthdays (including Ryan's), hosted lots of visitors, dressed up for Halloween (not Luke's favorite), and have come really close to sleeping through the night! Basically, Luke is doing great. He seems huge to me now, though he was only 9 lbs 11 oz at his last doctor's appointment (we were guessing at least 10, if not 11 lbs). I've tried to use my time off to get prints made and frame some good black and white photos around the house, but that's been quite a project. It seems I've taken about 5,000 photos of Luke in the last 2 months. And looking back at them, I'm not sure I adequately captured his teeny-ness. I wish I'd done something consistent...placed him next to something...compared him size-wise to we could see exactly how tiny he really was, but it's too late now. He'll never be that tiny again. And I have to the time, my main concern was keeping him all swaddled and warm, as he had zero body-fat. It was hard to un-wrap him and lay him down without lots and lots of screaming.

Just look how tiny!

But now, he's grown out of his premie clothes. He's grown out of his newborn clothes. He's finally moved in to the 0-3 month part of his closet and he's too heavy to carry around with one hand anymore. He squirms now. He kicks his legs and throws his head around. He's strong!

Speaking of legs. Look at these! This was taken on the day we brought him home from the hospital:

And here are Luke's legs now:
Happy, chunky, strong, kick-ey legs!

My sweet boy:

How will I ever narrow these down?

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Raegann said...

look at those legs! you can really see the difference in those pics. looks like things are going well. can't wait for Luke's first holiday season!