Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rock Star

BONO was here! On Friday afternoon (around 3:00) we were asked to attend a meeting. Bobby Shriver was there, the CEO of Viacom, a bunch of people from the Gates Foundation, the new CEO of (RED)...we had no idea they were all coming! Our team was in the front row (sweaty and mad because we just set up all 150 chairs) and we thought we were attending a boring marketing presentation. Suddenly, Bobby Shriver was at the microphone, thanking us for our hard work on (RED) when he said, "And now - here's my good friend, Bono!" ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? Bono walked out, wearing all black except for his signature sunglasses. He began singing "I'm dreaming of a RED Christmas..." (Irish accent and all) and then proceeded to thank us for our efforts with (RED) and how he's visited Africa and seen the effects of the two pills that can be purchased with the money raised from (RED) and the Global Fund. We are all doing our part to save the sick children in Africa and he just wanted to say "Thanks". It was un-real. UN - REAL!!!!!

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