Friday, January 18, 2008

who knew?

Hey! It turns out, there are people who read my blog! :) I just got an email from the fabulous Lindsay Landis who did some research on the Sea Oat thing. She ALSO recently became the mother of TWO so I'm going to pause for "congratulations"! :) (hey, Linds...if you send me a picture, I can post a picture of her on my blog! Is it too early to exploit your baby on the internet? Let me know. I'm unclear about these things.)

Okay, so back to Sea Oats. Apparently there is no discernable difference between a sea oat and a regular old farm weed...but you be the judge. Perhaps your judgy eyes are better than my mid-western allergy eyes that don't know about fancy, beachy east-coast-type things.

And hey...thanks for reading! :) You have no idea how happy that makes me!

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