Friday, May 30, 2008


We get to plan a wedding!!! :) My little brother proposed to Sarah last night and she said yes...actually, I believe her actual response was, "Mmmm...I guess so". He took her to a concert and waited all night for "their song". Everyone around them knew it was going to happen, including the wait staff who served about three bottles of wine to their table. I don't have a picture of the actual event (even though they came over to our house last night and we talked for about an hour - I didn't think to get out my camera...dang it!) Here's the only picture I have (in front of their new house). They almost never sit like this. And that dog isn't even theirs. He just wandered in to the picture.

(and the ring is AH-MAZING!!!) :)

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Anonymous said...

haha! i love the "they almost never sit like this" :)
i just like to tell people i told him "i guess so" cuz it makes him mad. hehe.
see you tonight!