Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I have seen "Sex and the City" twice now. Opening night, of course. Then again last night. I cried a lot. I got the chills a lot. I wish that wedding dress montage was my screen saver. And that cute little Kristin Davis completely took me by surprise. During the series, she was not one of my favorites. But WOW...good job Kristin Davis!!! She sure earned her paycheck for this one!! (Kim Cattrall, not so much.) If you don't walk away from this movie thinking, "wow...good job Kristin Davis!!!" then you weren't watching the same movie.

If you liked the series, you'll love the movie. If you sort of like fashion, you'll love the movie. (except that Louis Vitton bag...I found it shocking and hideous.) If you hate people and purses and the people who carry purses, stay home. This movie is not for you.

I thought Jennifer Hudson was cute but I half expected her to break in to song as she walked out the door..."No, no, no, no way..." (I watch a lot of Dreamgirls). I thought it was strange that Carrie wore pearls to bed. I thought it was strange that Samantha was in town so often. I got tired of Miranda reminding everybody that she has a job AND a is SO hard. But everything else about this movie is delicious. Vodka, Cranberry, Cointreau, with a twist of lime delicious!

P.S. I want this movie for Christmas. I can only imagine the hours of deleted scenes and DVD extras. Holy smokes...

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