Thursday, June 12, 2008

Father's Day Card

Do you have a dad? Do you believe in Father's Day? Do you like helping kids in Africa? Well, I have the card for you!

It's MY card...the card I designed for Father's Day. It was also slightly designed with my husband in mind (who really likes comic book super heroes - which you would know if you've been to our house recently - 15 years of comic books all over the living room in a huge, "put-them-all-in-bags-and-organize-them-by-title" organization stand-still.) But the truth remains...the future father of our children DID inspire the design. :)

You'll have to go to a Hallmark shop and look for the Father's Day card section. (probably right up front) Look for this card and then brag about the fact that you know the girl who designed it. :) It's only $3.69. Your dad is worth it. (and don't forget the best part - the kids you saved in Africa...)

1 comment:

Neuty said...

Hey, that's pretty awesome! I love it, it's much better than what I would have designed with Ryan in mind. Mine would have centered around nachos, basketball and beer...