Thursday, September 18, 2008


These are the amazing Berger children. The first one is Colton, who turns 4 this Sunday. He is water-skiing in this picture. I know VERY FEW 3-year olds who can pull this off. But if there's one child who will try anything, it's this kid:

This is Colton and Miles, playing in the toy bins at the (always fun) Berger house. I'm pretty sure they've just squished themselves in to the same bin. Can't imagine this lasted long:

That's better...everybody gets their own bucket. Miles is enjoying his leg-room while Colton is being "peek-a-boo-ed" by his father. I don't want to know what that giant toy shotgun was for:

Check out that killer smile! Miles has the best eyes. In the back-ground, there's more peeking and what I can only assume is infectious laughter. What a way to spend a Sunday. We only ever watch football at our house. That's it...I'm buying a bucket:

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