Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Jayhawk goodness

Last weekend was the second KU home game and the weather really tested our fortitude. It started off really nice. Then it got rainy. Then it got COLD and rainy. By half-time we were soaked and freezing. So we rode the shuttles back to Shannon and Bobby's for some hot chocolate and bubble baths. (everyone under the age of 5 took bubble baths. The rest of us just watched more football.)

The KU band, looking for another bowl-game travel opportunity (seriously doubled since last season! I don't blame them. That's how I got to see Hawaii in '95!):

Ryan gave Grant a ride on his shoulders and Grant held on! Ryan said Grant even guided him at one point (Ratatoille style).:

Whitney + Delaney + Cute little cheerleader outfit + lady behind them, sloshin' it up!:

Shannon + Anneliese + another cute little cheerleader outfit + awesome sling carrying thing (because walking from 19th & Alabama to Memorial Stadium is no easy task, even when you're not carrying a small child!):

The Lockwoods! (Bobby, Emily, Grant, Shannon, and Anneliese) + Park, Perry and Zach behind them + Ryan's left shoulder:

The free shuttle + Whitney + Delaney + Whitney's co-worker, Bethany + Bethany's daughter, Sophie (all wet and weary from the freezing cold football game):

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