Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

In the spirit of posting pictures WAY after they're remotely relevant - here's Memorial Day!! Starting with a BBQ at our house on Friday.

Ryan de-pooping the yard:

My new lemonade jar (a very special combination of margarita mix and MOSTLY tequila):

Ladder golf and washers:

A very furry Piper, begging for hot dogs:

Simultaneous fun:

Matt, Liz (demonstrating excellent form) and Loren (in some sort of quandry):

Mel and Dan (who seems really mad, for some reason?):

My only guest who truly appreciated (and wore) the drink umbrellas:

Sarah (back from her Jamaican honeymoon), Cara (8-months pregnant), and her daughter Gianna (really wanting a bite of that watermelon):

LOVED the watermelon. Couldn't get enough:

Brandon with the itty-bitties (Gianna and Avina):

Patio people (Margaret's head; Rene - from LA; Monique; Liz and Roady):

Sarah, urging Gianna "in or out?":

Rene and Mo - good friends from WAAAAAY back:

Best friends and sworn enemies:

Time to fire up the grill!

Who has the bigger tummy?

How about now?

That night, (after many delays) Bev and Wayne arrived from Houston. We spent the next day catching up and working on little home projects together. Including this crazy lamp that snapped off when a screen from upstairs flew off and smacked it. Ryan and his dad made it all okay again:

That night, we had dinner at my parents' house to welcome all of my dad's cousins from Louisiana. I don't have any pictures of that. But it happened. I swear.

Here they are at the World War I Memorial on Sunday afternoon. (I didn't go because I was painting my new office. And because I didn't want to.):

On Sunday, Brandon and Sarah hosted their own going-away party at the FOP Lodge. Here are my uncles and the Louisiana cousins Wii Bowling:

Later that night, my uncle Scott offered to read some poems from his (recently published!) new book, "Lies, Nostalgia and Cow Gas":

Royals game on Monday:

Delaney votes for her favorite All-Stars:

And here's some free advertising for "G-Force" - sure to be a box office hit:

Delaney and my sister:

Doing the wave:

Delaney's first major league baseball game ever:

My favorite niece in the whole world:

Getting sleepy:


Little Angel:

After the game, I drove to Lawrence to meet up with Ryan, Bev, Wayne and all of the Bergers for a Memorial Day cook-out (and Tom's birthday):

Bev and Colton, trying to decide who should get the first piece of cake:

Tom and Kara - and their dog, Blu:

Nick and Colton - cracking each other up:

Miles, and his sweet little face, covered in frozen Dr. Pepper:

Bev and her youngest (most "mature") nephew:

Tom and his youngest nephew:

Miles, exiting his car - Hazard style:

Checking under the hood:

"But I wanna go THAT way!"

Colton showing off his new 4-wheeler:

The most awesome, hilarious, spontaneous moment of the evening - Bev decided to let Colton take her for a ride. Enjoy this all the way up to the end (I know, it gets a little slow in the middle. Just wait for it.):

More ladder golf:

Miles climbed up in the hammock to sit with me - a rare and trusting little moment that was not lost on me:

Such a little flirt:

Blu and his ball:

Miles and Scout:

"Slow riiiide...take it eeeeeasaaaay"

Another rare and shocking moment - MIMI decides to hop on the 4-wheeler!!

"Now you hold on, Miles"

Colton, being a total bad-ass:

The end of a great weekend:

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