Monday, July 20, 2009

Don't Kick the Baby!

You are looking at the UNDEFEATED CHAMPION KICKBALL TEAM of Blue Valley Parks and Rec!! That's right. We scored more times in our first game than we accumulated in the entire previous season. We went from last place to first...due in large part to the overwhelming fan support and weekly practices. Not really. We just figured out how to bunt. And now, we are the CHAMPIONS!! And we have a trophy to prove it!

Back row: Margaret, Mel, Erin, Liz, Leasha & Me (not's orders)
Front row: Ryan, Kyle, Loren, Dustin, Dan & Roady.

Dustin, wearing his "coach's shorts" and the tightest t-shirt he could find. He also owns a pair of velcro shoes to complete this outfit. "Is niiiiice."

DB, posing for my benefit (and yours).


The other team didn't show up with enough players so we loaned them three of ours. Mel, Erin and Ryan all played for the opposing team - which meant we'd already technically won - which meant the pressure was off (so you would think...)

Ryan, pretending to hold Dustin on first:

Husband and wife, forced to play for different teams - breaking the tension with some kung fu:

Another husband and wife on opposite teams. Either Dan is refusing to speak to the competition or Mel is heckling him - the other team did take the lead at one point - this did not please the Babies:

Loren, our fearless pitcher:

Dan and Loren, discussing strategy:

Margaret (1st base):

Liz (short stop):

Dan (a little bit of everywhere):

Roady (Left field); Liz; Dustin (Center field) - playing in for the bunt:

Kyle (3rd base) and his cousin - who was there to sub in my place (but she's waaaaaay better than me, like...she plays soccer. Professionally, or something):

Some action shots:

Some intense 3rd base coaching from Roady and Kyle:

Erin, the "Eye of the Tiger"

A really close play at first, which would have been an awesome shot if this guy hadn't gotten in the way - but the important thing to note is that Margaret is "SAFE"!! Totally beat the throw:

Beer. The most critical ingredient to our success:

Our littlest fan, Gianna (running...on the hottest day of the summer):

Our devoted fans (even wearing the team colors!):

Mel, Erin and Ryan - cheering for the other team - in the other team's dugout - cracking themselves up:

Good sports:

It was a close game (I think...I actually have no idea...I was taking pictures and laughing the whole time):



We celebrated our victory with a pizza party and birthday cake at our house. This is Ryan, lighting Loren's candles in the garage:

This is Loren - trying to act SORT of surprised that we bought him a birthday cake, even though we really suck at keeping secrets and he totally knew:

Preparing to blow out 29 candles in one breath:

...and DONE! (impressive)

Loren's robot name:

Mmmm...cake good:

Pork. It made me laugh:

Mel and Dan. Cute:

Dustin and Erin - holding brand new baby, Eli.

Pretending to be freaked out:

Ryan convinced the guys to play his new Wii Tennis game:

It went really well:

Vinny played in the new tent we bought at IKEA. (we're accumulating a lot of toys for not having any kids.)

The girls, doing some pajama yoga:

Say goodnight, friends!

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