Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nelson's 30th Birthday

In honor of the Victor Show this weekend (Lawrence, KS - Liberty Hall - Friday and Saturday - 10:00pm) I am posting pictures from Nelson's 30th Birthday. It happened about 2 months ago. That's how delinquent I am. I'm sorry Nelson. It's not because I don't love you. Clearly I do. I even made you a robot! Robots equal love. Except when they turn evil and kill you. That's how you know.

Nelson's Birthday cake:

The sugar fire:

What else burns?

Gaus' "mom jeans":

The paparazzi:

Harbour Lights for the serious drinking part of the birthday:

Ran in to my old roommate from college (Danielle) - which was not an accident. It was all because of facebook. Yeah, facebook!:

Joe, Jaq and Ryan:

Nelson's BIG SURPRISE for the evening (totally trumped my robot) was his old friend Gary (and his wife, Mrs. Gary) who flew in from Florida, just for Nelson's birthday:

This is Olivia - who is friends with my college roommate, Danielle - who is also an old friend of Roady and Stu's - but in a totally awkward way - which made her do this:

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Nelson said...

Gary's wife was in town, but she actually wasn't there that night. That was actually Gary's sister Molly in the picture who had also come into town. Just thought I'd clarify.