Sunday, March 28, 2010

it is time!

In just a few minutes (just as soon as I will myself to move from this couch) I am going to break down the SelectComfort bed that's currently living in "the baby's" room:

Then, I'm going to move these bookshelves to my new office:

(this is the new office...still waiting on some quarter-round installation)

(...and the gorgeous, white, hard-wood, plank floors that Ryan installed!)

Then I'm going to empty a few file cabinets...

...transfer a computer...

...and strip some wallpaper.

We have no idea how long our wait for "the call" will be, but I figured it was safe to begin the process of designing a nursery (and I wanted an excuse to get that hideous wallpaper down!)

I decided to order another crib. It's similar to the Robin "burned in a fire" crib, but it's called Sparrow:

Cannot even tell you how delighted I am by the fact that these cribs are named after birds and the theme of this nursery is birds/trees/nature. Regardless of the horrifying circumstances of crib #1, I am sticking with my theme and pressing forward. Crossing my fingers that crib #2 arrives in time for Easter and a visit from Ryan's parents - the charitable benefactors of "baby Westhoff's" crib. (In my mind, the doorbell rings and there's a huge box on the doorstep and we all spend the next 3 hours sitting in the nursery, putting it together.)

It is 5:30 now. I predict I will be done by, oh...Thursday.

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Stephanie said...

Our nursery theme is also birds. The nursery is going where my office currently is, and I have some awesome birds on letters hanging. I felt too bad to take them down, so it decided the theme for us. :) Good luck getting everything done! We need to get on the ball too.