Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the nursery

Not the actual nursery - this is what we call "research" over here in Hallmark-land. Here's how it works: 1) you find something that you absolutely LOVE 2) you take screen-captures of it and then drop those in a folder called "research" on your desktop 3) you save it for a rainy day 4) when the time comes to actually need your research, you pull it out and then frantically try to remember where you originally saw it 5) you search every single website you can think of to find it again 6) you give up and piece it together to the best of your ability.

I found this super-chic, eco-friendly nursery about 4 years ago. Of course, I have no idea where, but it will inspire the nursery I will be putting together for sweet baby westhoff. And in case I haven't made this clear - we are adopting a baby. I mentioned something on facebook that we were buying a crib and was mortified to find out that a co-worker of mine had "suspected a bump". Awesome. Enjoy the research while I spend the next 72 hours on my elliptical:

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Raegann said...

"suspected a bump," that's hilarious (though at your expense)! Very cute, asexual looking nursery. Have fun! I wish I enjoyed these types of things as much as you do. It totally shows in the way your house looks (this is a compliment).