Wednesday, July 14, 2010

planes, trains and automobiles

I answered two phonecalls yesterday (well...five, if you count the times that Ryan called). I took the day off to work on my kitchen (I am determined to finish the kitchen before we start on the baby's room!) so the house phone rang more times that afternoon than in the 6 months we've had it.

The first call was at noon. It was our adoption attorney in Topeka. He wanted us to know that Kelly has been sleeping on a couch at a friend's house and she's ready to come to Topeka ASAP. "'s that going?"

He said, "Well...she wants to take a train."

"A train?"

"Yes. Mary and I have both been talking to her about it and she's just terrified of flying."

"Poor girl."

"Well...we want her to do whatever is most comfortable for her, but that train ride is brutal. It's 53 hours."

"good grief!"

"I, we're still working on it."

The next call was at 3:00. Kelly had changed her mind. She and her daughter were going to fly afterall. As my friend Sherri pointed out, it's too bad you can't give a pregnant lady drugs to calm her nerves!

Of course we appreciate that she's coming to Topeka and of course we're incredibly grateful that she's chosen us to adopt her baby, but now she's facing her biggest fear and getting on an airplane for us!!

Still no word today on when she's arriving, but I can't wait. It's the same thing (I'm guessing) parents feel when they know their children are flying/traveling. My child isn't even born yet and I'm already that freaked out mom waiting for the phonecall that "I've landed and everything is okay."

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