Monday, December 22, 2008

Freezing with a chance of "Holy Crap, it's COLD!"

It was 4 degrees this morning. FOUR!! And with the wind chill, I'm pretty sure that made it somewhere in the negative area. I've never been so ready for a trip to Houston in my life! (we leave tomorrow.) Houston is near Mexico...which is near the equator...which sounds SO steamy hot and amazing right now. I want to sit on it. I would sit down on the equator and melt, just like that little snowman kid in the Campbell's soup commercial. (mmm...tomato soup sounds so good right now.) Instead, I feel like this little tree. I'm freezing and I think I have a fever, which means I'm probably getting sick. It's bitter cold outside and I can't keep my head up. Tired and cold and ready for Christmas vacation:

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