Friday, December 19, 2008

Office Christmas Party

Our little team Christmas party was Thursday and we had pizza, salad, cookies, and a white elephant gift exchange. This is my team at work. We have a lot of fun, as you can probably tell:

This is Liz and Buck, testing the idea of "leg-wrestling-for-gifts", like in case there's a tie and two people really want the same gift. When Liz flipped Buck over, we all decided it was a bad idea, and possibly very dangerous:

The spread:

The gifts:

The wrapping:

Erin (our AD) handed out little gift bags, which were super cute and thoughtful:

Everybody sat around sharing Christmas plans and eating pizza:

Then the White Elephant craziness began (starting with a wind-up eyeball):

Ann was next...

She opened an awesome displayable plate (hand-painted and everything!):

Kathy got a baby owl, dressed for Mardi Gras:

We named him "Mardi":

Liz opened a giant jar of pink lemonade mix:

Buck (opening his first gift) got some cute little Chinese ornaments (which were stolen):

Then he opened a couple of bowls and one of those light-up ornament things you hang from your tree (which was stolen):

I got Mexico's version of a Chia Pet (Buck apparently smuggled it in). But it got stolen:

Amy got little egg-beater things:

Erin got a jaunty little hat:

And then I got the best gift of all...EDUARDO!!!!  

Our team is OBSESSED with the game Nertz. We play it every day over lunch time. This was "power-nertz" with partners. We decided to stand up so we could all reach the middle. If you've never played Nertz, you should ask me's crazy fun!  (Ryan also knows how to play. He's played it since he was a little kid.):

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