Friday, December 19, 2008

Naughty Christmas party

There was a Christmas party at Nick and Raegann's house last weekend (Ryan's cousin = Nick) and I realized I couldn't post most of the pictures I took. The whole theme was "Adults Only" and everybody was supposed to bring naughty, adult-type gifts and then we would exchange them, White Elephant style. So here are the G-rated photos that were appropriate enough to share:

Raegann's OB/GYN (and neighbor) gets "Cathy, the inflatable cow" (and decides it will be a great pool toy - the kids will never know):

Nick tries to decide if his "Barenaked Ladies" cd is audio or actual porn:

A homemade gift - decorated with thumbtacks, house keys, pennies and Nick's face, "King of the Throne". I won't tell you what that big blob on top is. You can probably figure it out (p.s. It is not a turkey):

Ceri gets a "fancy" new matching set of undies:

(they're interactive!  and the crotch was cut out...classy.)

Kara got stuck with a very fashionable Christmas-themed vest. She worked it all night:

Mike made these earrings. They were gross. That's all I'm going to say:

Chris opened MY gift and immediately put it on (a little "Santa's helper" outfit):
Super cute...

It was immediately stolen by Jen:

And then immediately stolen by Tom (The rule was, if you picked it, you had to wear it):

(he picked it for Kara, but we all agreed he looked fantastic):

Ryan got a great little outfit for Christmas (it was fancy - it even had "tails"!):

Sara opened Ryan's gift, a pair of silk boxer shorts with "Hot Stuff" written all over them. Those got stolen too:

Everything that was not photographed was purchased at Priscilla's. Including my gift, which nobody will ever see (or speak about). 

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