Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving Pictures!

We went to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving this year and it was (by far) the best Thanksgiving EVER.  I wish everybody could have the experience of going to my Aunt and Uncle's farm. There are cute kids everywhere. Good food. Lots of games. Lots of laughter...we even had a bonfire and took family photos this year!  Here are some highlights (although, my favorite moments involve sitting around in our pajamas playing cards - which nobody wants to see). 

My mom and her sister, Kay...who make each other cry, they laugh so hard:

My uncle, Cary...who makes furniture out of cedar, including this ENORMOUS table (perfect for cards and Catan). Here he is installing a lazy susan: 

Getting help from Bobby and Troy:

Here we all are (we take up two rooms)!!  At the very back of the room, (starting at 12:00), it's me, Brandon, Sarah, Ryan (we have two of them!), Troy, Whitney and Delaney. Then at the table in the front (starting at 12:00) is my cousin Ryan, my grandma, Aunt Kay, Uncle Cary, Aunt Deb (Cary's sister), Uncle Tom (married to Deb), my mom, my dad, and Bobby (Shannon was taking the picture). Not Pictured are the rest of the kids, (Grant, Emily, Roy, Dale, and Anneliese) who must have been sitting on barstools in the kitchen (or taking naps): 

We played a lot of "beauty shop" over the weekend:

Emily in braids (possibly for the first time?):

Delaney in Heidi buns (not her first time): 

Delaney, focused really hard on a football game:

Anneliese, chillin' by the couch:

Aunt Becky and Emily:

A cute little moment for me and my hubby:

Delaney was insisting on hugging and kissing Anneliese (who was sort of in to it for the first 20 kisses, then she felt a little bit smothered and started to cry):

Big helper, Dale (dressed as a pirate) - getting the chairs ready for the family pictures:

Pirate Dale, posing so Shannon could check her sunlight:

The Lockwood Family (Shannon, Bobby, Grant, Emily and Anneliese - who decided she might not want Emily in the picture after all?):
Cute, cute, cute...

Here are all of Kay's grandchildren...Roy (barely peeking through the crowd), Anneliese, Grant (being a big brother), Emily, and Dale:

Not all sisters are best friends:

Here are all of the "great-grandchildren" (plus Cheeto, the cat):

Cuteness in pig-tails, sitting patiently:

Sarah and Delaney (who was trying to "wipe" everyone with this kleenex):

My cousin Ryan, his wife Becky, and their two boys, Roy and Dale (who was not in the mood for family photos):

Apparently, if you ask a boy to show you his muscles, you get a significant mood change:

Troy, practicing his signature pose:

Troy, Whitney (my sister) and Delaney (who is very ticklish):

The Claycamp Family:

The Westhoffs:

Brandon and Sarah (who are getting married in May - check out the ring!): 

Emily (who declared "I'm a bird" and proceeded to build herself a nest):

Bobby and Anneliese (killing time between pictures):

Bobby and Anneliese + Cary and Ryan in the background:

Time for one, big, group photo (we're not quite ready):

Here we are (I finally counted and there are 21 of us!): 

The Lucas Family:

The Grant Family:

Ryan and Cary - who spontaneously wrestle sometimes:

Four generations of Lallier women:

I told Delaney that if she was really still for her pictures, she could get some lipstick! (this was not Troy's favorite idea, but that's what Aunts are for, right?):

Grandma, Mom, Whitney, and Delaney (four generations):

The hands:

Who could resist this little face?:

Getting ready for the bonfire: 

The little ones were in charge of the little logs:



Brandon, helping Dale cook his dinner:


Cary and Anneliese:

Delaney, covered in Dorito cheese (another Aunt Ashley indulgence):

Gorgeous sunset: 
Perfect ending to a perfect weekend. Actually, the perfect ending was KU beating MU in the Border Showdown!!  Best game EVER!!!  Ryan and I drove home (with the dogs) on Saturday night. I woke up on Sunday morning to the smell of fresh coffee, a fire in the fireplace, and falling snow!  It was perfect!  I spent the day, putting up our Christmas tree and enjoying all of the blessings in my life. 

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