Monday, December 22, 2008

The littlest intern EVER!

Delaney came to work with me on Friday because she was running a little fever. Day-care wouldn't take her. Mommy was in Omaha. Daddy had a meeting at school. Nana Beth was hosting bible study at her house. So, "Aunt Ashley to the rescue"!! We brought plenty of markers and paper, but Delaney was fascinated by my Wacom pen. She watched me once and then mimicked me picking it up, drawing on my Wacom tablet, setting it back in the stand, and then typing on my keyboard. She was a natural! She only re-named, like half of the files on my desktop. No big:

We brought in Play-Doh, so Delaney was requesting a "N0-MAN" from all of the designers on my team. She had no trouble making friends:

Time to go home and brag about our awesome card-making skills:

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