Tuesday, September 21, 2010


While our birthmother gave us quite a scare yesterday, in the end - she did NOT revoke consent. (hooray!) She sent us a text message at 6:08pm (our time) to say:

"this is [kelly]...no need to reply. i just wanted to thank yall for everything and im sorry about all the unpleasant things..i wish yall all the best."

Unpleasant things?  I wish you the best?

Are you kidding me?

Ryan said, "I feel like we were just mugged in the alley. Someone held a knife to our throats, took all of our money, then apologized for the 'unpleasant' situation and told us to have a nice day."

We didn't reply. There was nothing to say. It was impossible to form thoughts. Besides, anything that came out of my mouth (or itchy texting fingers) would have been ugly, unnecessary, and thoroughly regretable.

It doesn't mean I haven't thought about it all day or texted things and then deleted them without sending, but it's over and done. No need to reply.

LUKE IS OURS!!!!!!  

And that's all that matters.


gypsy said...

Change your phone numbers now!

ladytoni67 said...

Go private, before the crazies anti bloggers find you. You've been warned. I'm not kidding.

ladytoni67 said...

Edit- I meant the anti adoption bloggers. I also want to say congratulations on your adoption.

aWesthoff said...

who is anti-adoption?

Shelly said...

We're so happy for you guys. We've been following your blog and have been getting updates from the Berger family as the story progressed. We are so happy that you no longer have to deal with the craziness in Georgia and can finally move on by getting to know your beautiful baby boy and enjoying him each day. Congrats and welcome to Kansas baby Luke!

Sheelagh said...

So so happy for you guys!

Anonymous said...

And that's all that matters!

Anonymous said...

I vote for changing your phone number too!

RELH said...

OMGoodness.. I just spent like the last hour reading your story since match...truly crazy. My thoughts are with your family!