Thursday, September 2, 2010

red alert

I decided to check in with Kelly on Tuesday. To my lack of surprise, she was in the middle of a crisis:

Hey [Kelly]! I've been really sick so I'm sorry I'm just now checking in. (Completely lost my voice.) How are you and [sophie] doing in the new place?

Well...i have picked another scary looser place..[sophie] got sick and i sent her with my brothers friends trying to find a now. i love [sophie]

Oh dear! Is mary helping you?

Yes..shes been great...she told me before i came here it looked creepy on the internet..i wanted to be closer to my brother so i chose it anyway. i love [sophie]

That's good! Well...let us know what we can do. You're paid up through friday at the extended stay.

You know i'm just exhuasted...i want to get somewhere safe and clean and figure out which doc. And hospital im gonna deliver in..its getting close. i love [sophie]

I totally understand. We support whatever you decide.

Thanks...sorry this has been rough..i just want this over with...i feel like im neglecting [sophie] and i will until this is over. i love [sophie]

When you get settled, we can get a c-section scheduled with your dr so you'll be able to count the days until it's all back to normal.

That is what im praying 33 weeks now..time is running out and im getting scared i will still be floating around out here. i love [sophie]

When I got home, Ryan said he'd talked to Mary and Kelly was already moved out of the extended stay. Mary was going to TRY to get some of our money back from the extended stay for the rest of the week (and evidently there was some sort of miscommunication with the employees at the extended stay where somebody moved Kelly to a different room but didn't alert the entire staff, so there were guys banging on Kelly's door, calling her a drifter or something until they realized she was the lady from the "special" room and they were very, very sorry.  Exactly the sort of thing that just manages to happen to this poor girl.)  So we don't really know exactly where she is right now, except that it's $300 a week instead of $175. So that's cool. Just another day in the life of THE CRAZIEST ADOPTION STORY EVER!!

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kerrie said...

Goodness gracious girlie!

You soooo need to submit your blog to "Lifetime Television." This is such a soap opera!

Lucky for you two, you're the NORMAL ones in this drama. And lucky for this baby, you're the normal ones that will be the best parents ever.

Keep your eye on the prize, he/she's almost here!