Monday, November 10, 2008

bear + bears fan

We went to a Halloween party last weekend. I'm finally getting pictures up. It was a good time. Roady went with us, dressed as an over-paid Detroit Tigers player (for anyone who doesn't follow baseball, Detroit basically bought a baseball team - shelling out tons of money - then the Tigers lost almost every game they played. It amused the men at the party. Girls just thought he was a baseball-themed scarecrow.)

Another sports-themed costume. I'm a Chicago Bears Fan. Ryan is a bear:

Ryan said he was making this face even when he had the mask on. He couldn't help it:

Ryan and Roady with Sarah (or should I say, "Rainbow Bright"):

Rainbow Bright and G.I.Joe (my "little" brother):

A really cute view of the tail I made for Ryan's bear costume. (I also put felt "claws" on his brown shoes and gloves. It was one of those make-it-in-minutes costumes.

The super-funny alien dog in his pumpkin costume:

Tina Turner (who we all hated because she apparently JUST had a baby, like DAYS ago):

The Nascar fan (and his box of wine):

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