Thursday, November 20, 2008

Saturday, November 8

Saturday morning, Bev (Paula Dean) Westhoff made biscuits and gravy for breakfast and then we broke out the Wii.  First on the agenda - making Miis for everybody!  We bought the KU vs. Nebraska game on Pay-per-View. I fixed Hearty Taco Soup which was perfect for sitting around in pajamas, playing Wii and watching football. Roady helped me finish my decorations for the party (which he called "making crafts") and then I had to start getting ready around 3:00 to head to Lawrence.  Here's the morning in pictures:

A birthday shot of gravy:
Ryan, trying to decide on his "head-shape":
Picking out his eyes:
We got his nose exactly right:
The facial hair is coming along (but the angry eye-brows have to go):
Here we go...that's starting to look like Ryan:
Stu boxed the computer for about 30 minutes, which made us all tired just watching him:
Wayne played golf, which made everybody sleepy and bored (sorry, golf - you're just not my favorite):

Here are the decorations I'd been making for the last two weeks. (and the project Roady was kind enough to help me finish.)  Jeff was sweet enough to hang them for me:
We arranged "cafe style" tables and chairs, and Sarah created art by weaving colorful streamers on every other table. I made the "30" flags for each table, and my mom loaned us her jelly jars (filled with candy!) to hold them up. We used the ping-pong table in the back for food (which was AMAZING! - it's not there yet...but that entire table was full of food): 
The manager of Jo Shmo's rented the whole upper level to us for the night, but I needed some directional signs (I'm all about the signs) to help get the people up the stairs:
The room started to fill up around 7:15 and you can sort of see our DJs in the back, right corner (they even brought the party lights!):
Ryan and Lindsay - both turning 30 - both VERY smiley. So many people were there to wish them Happy Birthday. 
My crew of helpers. Chris and Holly on the left (who wrangled 30 balloons and brought them to the party!) and Sarah (who brought Ryan's special bahklava dessert request and made the room party-ready):
Bev, Miles and Raegann (I'm sure there's some conversation going on about Bev wanting a kiss...)
Papa and Mimi (Ryan's grandparents) and Bev and Wayne (Ryan's parents):
Ryan, my mom and the back of Bobby's head. Clearly a funny moment. I just love Ryan's laugh:
My sister and my mom - taking a moment to stop and breathe with me - and pose for a party pic! 
Ryan felt like it was a good moment to jump in for a group hug. Or he's dancing, I'm not entirely sure:
He just wanted to be in the picture:
The other cool thing about this room was the bocce ball pit. It entertained all of the kids for a good 3 hours. It stirred up a lot of sand and dust (because they were mostly building castles in it) but I decided, from now on, I'm providing a sand pit at all of my parties:
Ryan's cousin Tom and Tom's girlfriend Kara:
Steve (Ryan's uncle), Urban and Tom:
My super-awesome-craft-making-assistant, Roady (and my giant, freak hand):
Pam (Ryan and Chad's Aunt), and Chad:
Roady and Ryan:
Bev and her sister (Pam), clearly dancing up a storm:
The only line-dance of the evening:
Reagann, teaching Pam how to do the electric slide (or yelling at her, I can't really tell):
Fun Bobby (Shannon's husband), Whitney, Sarah and Troy:
My parents (they're so cute):
Ryan and my dad, sharing a hug and a laugh:
Chris and Holly (they're also very cute):
Pam, giving Lindsay (what I can only assume is a normal) kiss good-bye: 
Steve and Bev (brother and sister-in-law) dancing totally appropriately:
Bev and Wayne (who also celebrated birthdays not long ago. Wayne turned 60 and Bev did not...because she is younger than Wayne...and she will always be young(er).):
Hard to tell, but we're actually making a Roady sandwich. Later, Stu joined us and it was just a big mob-o-friends: 
The end of the evening. Exhaustion is actually setting in and we've got an early morning to look forward to! "Viscosity!" 

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