Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween Night

I know it's already November, but I still had to post these Halloween pictures. Whitney (dressed as a ZooKeeper), Troy (dressed as a guy with walking pneumonia) and Delaney (dressed as a giraffe) came by our house on Halloween. Delaney was not in the mood to wear her costume (because it was too hot for a head-to-toe, wool outfit).

ZooKeeper Claycamp:

Delaney Giraffe (showing us that she remembers where we keep the remotes):

Delaney, Troy and "Frank":

Delaney, telling Whitney to "Bop It" (translation: "stop it!") after Whitney attempted (for the 6th time) to get Delaney to wear her hood for a picture. Delaney is almost 2 and she is asserting her terrible-two-ness early:

I just wanted to squeeze her. She's so huggable in that squishy little outfit. She will now say "cheeeeeeese" for pictures:

Delaney, dancing on the fireplace (and a better view of the work we did a few months ago! The fireplace used to be red brick over a gross, honey-blonde wood mantle...sorry, I know that's not the point of the picture).:

Delaney Giraffe (showing us that she remembers where she stashed some disposable cameras last time she was here):

SUNDAY - November 2: Chiefs vs. Buccaneers game at mom and dad's house (also, a late celebration of Troy's birthday). Whitney brought Delaney's costume again. This time, we bribed her with brownie bites and she put the hood up. She also discovered the camel from mom's manger and decided to take him for a walk:

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