Wednesday, August 11, 2010

are you KIDDING me?

Just had a lengthy text conversation with our birthmom.
It went something like this:

Me: "Mary said you were going to the dr today!  How did it go?"

Kelly: "Am i supposed to even be talking to yall? im confused...and the doc wanted my medicaid papers which i didnt have all of...its a big production it seems."

Me: "We're just waiting on confirmation that everything is going well with the baby. We still want to work with you!"

Kelly: "K. i will let yall know when i know something. i have to go to medicaid tomorrow. then i can proceed from there. my hands are tied until then."

Me: "So the dr wouldn't see you until all of your medicaid forms were filled out?"

Kelly: "The lady i made the appt. with said i could...when i got there it was a different story. now i have to get [amanda] to say im living here and shes nervous."

Me: "Is that a temporary living situation? They just need an address on file."

Kelly: "Bottom homeless and no address means no doing the best i can...i have issues that dont even concern this adoption..."

Kelly: "I have fifty cents left on this phone...ill let yall know as things progress."

SO...the woman who DROVE ALL NIGHT because she was SO CONCERNED about her "friend" won't even let her write an address on a Medicaid form so she can go to the doctor????  I'm not interested in knowing any of these other "issues" that Kelly's talking about. I can only imagine. I'm just irritated that we had a PERFECT living situation all lined up for her here, and she abandoned it to go back "home" where these IDIOTS could "mentally support" her.  Nice support.

And we still have 9 more weeks of this.

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Stephanie said...

Pray she delivers a healthy baby early!