Thursday, August 5, 2010

that makes two of us

Found out today that Kelly was in the hospital last night because she was having a panic attack. She was having trouble breathing. I didn't even think to ask if they checked the baby, but her medical records are being faxed to our agent in California. Hoping they also did a blood test but are there any nurses out there?  If a pregnant woman comes in to the emergency room, don't you usually hook up a fetal heart monitor?

We'll have a conference call with her (and our agent) tomorrow, but I'm guessing things aren't going any better for her in Georgia??


Brandy said...

Yes you are right. A pregant woman goes into the dr or hospital they make sure the baby is all right. They should ck heart beat and measurements. An us if necessary to make fluids are good and such.

I'll keep praying everything goes well.

Stephanie Brady said...

I'm not a nurse, but I do know that anytime a pregnant woman goes into the hospital they hook her up to a fetal monitor and check on the baby.


Michele Sonner Sams said...

All of this is happening for a reason and you guys are doing a wonderful job of taking it all in stride. Whatever the outcome, you guys have kept a positive attitude! Great things happen to great people, you will see!

Heather said...

got myself all up to date this week and I just can't believe all you're going through. Definitely keeping you guys in my prayers and wishing you the best.