Wednesday, August 11, 2010


As we seem to have made some forward momentum on the adoption front (SHE'S GOING TO THE DOCTOR! SHE'S GOING TO THE DOCTOR! SHE'S GOING TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!  Can I get an "AMEN"?) my plan is to break out the "wallpaper remover bucket" as soon as I walk in the door tonight (right after I kiss my husband and remove everything pinchy from my outfit). It is time to attack the wallpaper in the nursery! 

The "wallpaper remover bucket" contains 1. a giant yellow sponge 2. the "tiger claw" 3. the all-important scraper and 4. several bottles of "Dif". We have a proven method (perfected over the last 5 years) that involves all of these essential tools. Step One: score the wallpaper with the tiger claw; Step Two: spray on the Dif; Step Three: soak the giant yellow sponge in hot water; Step Four: press the sponge against the wall, allowing the steam to heat the glue under the wallpaper; Step Five: peel! 

I have chosen a grey-ish blue color for the walls called "Ghost Ship" (not to be confused with this movie). I picked it to match this rug we found 4 months ago (notice all of the little birds and woodland creatures?) It's not blue because we know we're having a boy. It's blue because it goes with my calm color palette, and my nature-themed design concept.

My other idea (I just got this one last night): instead of purchasing $400 birch tree wallpaper or $90 wall clings, I am going to purchase a $6 roll of white contact paper and cut my own birch trees, then stick them to the wall. Like this:

It's just going to be one accent wall and I have decided I can do this. I have not tried it anywhere else in my house (or in my life) but in my mind, it's going to work. And it will be awesome - and cheap. But mostly awesome. 

We have the crib:

We have the dresser:
We also have this super cute night light (thanks to Bev) that gives a soft glow to the room:

Still need to replace the ceiling light (no ideas on that yet), but I've decided my natural wood blinds will look pretty cool (and natural) with my color palette.

Still REALLY want this glider, but searching like crazy to find it on sale somewhere:

Can you see it?

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Stephanie said...

Love the nusery concept! Its amazing!! Word to the wise, splurge on the rocker. You will log a lot of hours in that thing so get something you love to sit in, even if its not on sale. (sale price a def. bonus though!)