Tuesday, August 10, 2010

what a day

Last night, we waited by the phone only to have our conference call cancelled. Mary thought it made more sense to wait for a verbal confirmation from the ER nurse regarding Kelly's hospital visit. We agreed.  The call to cancel our call was exactly on time.

Tonight, we waited by the phone for the call to make up for our cancelled call. The call that was supposed to make up for our cancelled call never happened. It wasn't cancelled, it just never happened.

I called the agency at 6:30, but the receptionist said Mary was on another call. We assumed that meant she was on the phone with Kelly and she would call us back soon.

Instead, she just never called.

I emailed Mary at 9:15.

She emailed right back.

"We received a verbal that she goes back tomorrow. She was in and they did confirm everything seem to be good. Will mail out records on Wednesday 8-11-2010."

Seems like she could have called us back to say that.

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