Thursday, August 5, 2010

no news is good news

We didn't hear from Mary last night, which is actually a good thing.  She's talking to Kelly and working out the details of getting her to the doctor (and figuring out why she was at the hospital last night - can't wait to hear that story). She's also in the process of finding an attorney in Georgia to manage the trust we're supposed to set up for Kelly, so if the phone isn't ringing then we're not being asked for money - which is fine with us. (and don't get me wrong...we're not trying to get away with not paying or supporting her, we're just not clamoring to send a big check to another lawyer until we know for sure that Kelly has had a blood test). So, this is us playing it cool.

And there you first drama-free update!  Feels kind of strange.  And boring.

So to liven things up, here's a picture of me with my smooshy little nephew, Brett:

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