Monday, August 11, 2008

Cory William Kirchner

We have another adorable cousin in the family! Cory William Kirchner was born on Saturday, August 9th. He was exactly 8 lbs. and 20 inches long. He's a little bit bruised from trying to come out with his arm over his head (and umbilical cord wrapped around his neck) but Cortney was a rock-star and pushed him out quickly. Cortney is a labor and delivery nurse at Olathe Medical Center - where she was delivering her baby- so it helped that she stayed really calm and got expert coaching from her co-workers. Cortney, Jason and big Brother Bryce will bring Cory home this afternoon. Hooray for cute babies!! :) (Just for Lucas family-tree purposes, Cortney is the oldest of the 10 Lucas grandchildren - my dad's side of the family. Her son Bryce is the oldest of (now) 5 Lucas great-grandchildren!!
Cortney, looking good - now the mother of two boys.

Welcome to the world, sweet boy!

Delaney meets "baby" and wants to get as close as possible.

"Okay, I will hold him now."

"Where's the rest of him?"

"Yes, hand him to me. I've got this."

Delaney kept saying, "" and petting his head.

Delaney REALLY wanted to feed the baby. She could not understand why he didn't want his delicious bottle. She has so much to teach him...

The nurse came in and checked Cory's vitals.

So we got out the nursing toys and checked Papa's vitals.

...and Delaney's vitals.

This is Big Brother Bryce! (back from dinner with daddy, both sets of grandparents, and Auntie Jocelyn.) Bryce apparently tripped and fell down in the parking lot so he's sporting a fresh head wound. Cortney said, "He's doing okay with the new baby, but he's still very possessive of me. He wants to be right next to me when I hold the baby." I think time will tell - especially when the baby comes home and Bryce realizes they're not leaving him at the hospital.

Delaney loves her cousin, Bryce. It's one of the names she can say very clearly..."Bryce! Bryce!" followed by lots of pointing at his face and following him around.

They bonded by playing cars on the floor.

We eventually left Cortney to get some sleep and went to dinner at Perkins next door. Papa Rick makes Delaney laugh.

Mmmm...playing with cousin Bryce makes me so thirsty.

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