Monday, August 11, 2008

how to make my day...

Moments after I finished blogging about new baby Kirchner (I promise, I DO work...) I had a very special surprise visitor!! Little Miss Chloe McKay Beck came around the corner to see me at my desk! (and also Leigh and Jeff - who are very cool, but not nearly as fun to pinch and squeeze.) I actually had my camera with me, but I was so caught up in the cuteness, I neglected to take a picture. (boo!) So here's one I stole from Chloe's blog:

She has the most delicious little arms and legs. I could not help myself...I had to give them a squeeze. And that fantastic head of hers is packed full of brains. She's already a genius!! :) Thanks again for bringing her by! I just LOVE all of these babies. I can't get enough.

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