Thursday, August 28, 2008

We saw Baby Tigers!

When we arrived at Siefried and Roy's Secret Garden (& Dolphin Habitat), they made us stand together in a big group so they could explain that the animals are part of a research and rescue project. They do not make the animals perform regular shows (dang...that's why I bought my ticket!). Instead, "you MIGHT see trainers working with the animals at unscheduled (and UNANNOUNCED) times throughout the day". That was it. Then we were free to walk around and randomly catch the animals doing stuff.

Like this...

This was Sgt. Pepper and his friend (some other Beatles reference that I can't remember now.)

I don't know what was going on with this one. The lady kept flipping it over and pulling it out of the water. At one point she even got out a measuring tool. Our guess...the dolphin was about to pop out a baby. We didn't stick around for that. It was too hot to stand around for what may (or may not) have been live dolphin birth. We were on a hunt for baby tigers!

This was the only "awake" white tiger we saw and I was truly grateful for my 10x Optical Zoom camera. Any closer and I probably would have peed my pants.

This guy looked like my old kitty, Norm. But, like a gianter version with huger claws and teeth. Nice kitty...

BABY TIGERS!!!  These guys were wrastin' and runnin' around all crazy. Here's some video that I shot (hopefully...If I did it right):

This guy kept jumping up in the tree and then falling off. It was hilarious. Baby tigers are so dumb. I guess that's why they have to grow up and eat people...teach them a lesson. It's rude to laugh at baby tigers.  They don't like it.

"Oh,'re so I'd love to make a coat from your dirty, smelly, matted fur..."

Seriously, what's the appeal of these guys? I don't get it. Are they llamas? Are they camels?  This one looks sort of like a mountain goat. 

WHITE LIONS!!  A WHOLE MESS OF 'EM!!  (I mean...a pride.  It's a "pride" of lions, right?) I'm sure they could rip my head off, but they look SO much less intimidating all splayed out on the ground.

This guy even looked sorta one of Martha Stewart's Chow Chows. (that's right. I read Martha Stewart. I know all about her pets. She is my God.) 

This guy had his eye on an alpaca...and I think he also wanted to kill this little boy who kept "roaring" at him. I know I did. 

I am a very sleeeeeepy killing machine...

Pretty bird. A little too close to the killer jaguars and white tigers if you ask me.

We could not resist. You put a cardboard cut-out of Siegfried and Roy (straddling a white tiger) and you're gonna get this. could buy tickets to the NEWEST show in Las Vegas - Seigfried and TROY!!

Maybe most people just wanted to go to the gift shop. We saw a completely different opportunity that day. Sorry Siegfried and Roy. You asked for it...

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